Editorial Portraits

Jim Botely ,Kroger, Riverside, CA
© Martin Christopher

Jim Botely ,Kroger, Riverside, CA © Martin Christopher

Each year, RefrigiWear, manufacturer of high performance industrial workwear, honors outstanding warehouse workers with the Annual National Warehouseman of the Year Awards. Among several benefits, winners are featured in RefrigiWear’s annual “Warehousemen of the Year” calendar. Last year there were twelve winners nationwide, and I photographed the four winners located in Florida. This year RefrigiWear has increased the number of Outstanding Warehouseman awards to twenty-four. They also added seven Lifetime Achievement winners. I contracted with Refrigiwear for the photography of thirty-one environmental portraits of award winners outfitted in workwear by RefrigiWear. This challenging project required me to travel to twenty-nine cities coast to coast over four weeks. Marketing photography assignments of this scope require a combination of skills that are developed through years of industrial photography experience. Besides the requisite creative and technical skills, this advertising photography assignment involved logistics of travel, shoot schedules, editing, and image delivery, all on a very tight schedule. Martin Christopher Commercial Photograpy-Commercial Photographer-Florida

Futures Magazine - Investor Profile
Rich woman reclined on a Davenport with Jack Russel Terrier
Native American Beauty Portrait in Santa Fe
Native American Fashion in Santa Fe
Mike Vollmar, CEO Raydon Corporation
Well-dressed young business man poised for success.
Electrical Engineer
Jim Botely ,Kroger, Riverside, CA
© Martin Christopher
Helicopter Technician examining a reconditioned transmission.
© Martin Christopher
Helicpoter Technicians examining a reconditioned Bell Hey rotor yoke.
© Martin Christopher
The Viega ProPress System
Maria Gonzalez, Castle & Cook Cold Storage, Vernon, CA
© Martin Christopher
Eddie Rivera, McLane Foodservice, Phoenix, AZ
© Martin Christopher
Dr. Pamela Schrager, D.V.M
Ravenwood Veterinary Clinic, Port Orange, Florida
© Martin Christopher
Veterinary Surgical Procedure
Sow now and reap later in Arizona.
The Miller
Glenn Miller. CEO,  Miller Wholesale Lumber
Glenn Miller, Arizona Business Man
Tino Fuentes, Sysco West Coast Florida
Gilbert Hospital Leadership
Gilbert Hospital Advertisement Photo
Diagnostic Imaging Technician
Miss Arizona
Rodeo Queen
Stephanie Sandoval, Television Host
Beauty Portrait
Kelly Vee
© Martin Christopher
Ruby Mazur, Rock & Roll Artist
The Goalkeeper
Little Leage Baseball
Old School in New Mexico
Pump Boys and Dinettes
Flashes of Hope - Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
© Martin Christopher
Courageous Sisters
Dr. Robert Hampton and Independence “Indy”
Gary L'Etoile, United Natural Foods, Dayville CT
Enrique Munoz, Nicholas and Company, Salt Lake City, UT. Photo by Martin Christopher
A child's curiosity
Crossing The Delaware